An Airplane-Themed Birthday Party

Marken Media_Devine Texas_Party Rental_Birthday_Airplane.jpg

The Buckner boys’ birthdays are just one day apart. We plan to enjoy all the benefits of having joint birthday parties for as long as we can get away with it! This year, we chose airplanes as the theme and hosted it at Marken.

LookingatPlane.jpgMarken Media_Devine Texas_Party Rental_Birthday_Airplane2

One of my favorite moments was the “big reveal.” The inflatable airplanes from Amazon were a hit, and the balloons with hi-float helium that we got filled the day before at Sherry’s Flower and Gift Shop were still doing great.

  1. We made the rainbow balloon arch by tying the balloons in bunches of three. Then we looped twine through the bunches in the color order we wanted, and used tacks to mount the twine to the wall in the shape of a rainbow.

  2. I created the “time flies” photo collage wall using a ready-to-decorate banner and scrapbooking paper from Hobby Lobby. To finish it off, we clipped images from the past year to twine. Crazy seeing how fast they’ve grown in just one year!

  3. Goldfish and cookies are some of our favorite snacks these days, so of course we served them with our plain chocolate cupcakes.

  4. To finish off the flying airplanes in our “sky,” we hung little puffs of Poly-Fil to be little clouds. They were so fun! We would have done several more except we ran out of string … and time!