Formerly Schott’s Model Market

Ever wonder what that #devinecolorwall is all about?
We share the inside scoop of how it came to be!

Schott’s Model Market was built in the 1937. The family-owned business served Devine, Texas as the go-to grocery and dry goods store.

Today, Marken operates on the right third of the building. When we first got into the space, its bright blue floors and 8-foot drop ceiling were hiding some of the character of the building.

So we removed the drop ceiling, exposing the metal I-beams and some of the original wooden rafters. We even repurposed some of the wood on our feature wall, as well as created a bar top work station in the hall displaying some of its 10-foot beauty.

We love uncovering the history of Devine, Texas and have shared some of our favorite photos and newspaper ads from that time period on the walls at Marken.

In addition to serving as our office, we have also opened the space to the public for market days, monthly chamber meetings, music night and an art show featuring the work of local creatives.

The Devine Color Wall

devine color wall_devine texas_tx_marken media co.jpg

The Devine color wall started as most ideas do - just a dream. When we began looking for commercial office space, it was one of the contingencies Kennan had: It must be a building with a blank canvas for a color wall.

Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” What do you get when an introvert/planner marries an extrovert/dreamer? Apparently, entrepreneurial action!

The #devinecolorwall was one of my (Kennan) dreams when it came to moving out of our home office. But how would we find a landlord who was willing? Much less a building with a blank brick wall? It’s not just about the candy-colored paint or all the hard work and hours and hours that went into pressure washing, priming and painting the beauty.

It’s about random passerby stopping to strike a pose and take a pic, about former locals coming home and being happily surprised to see it. It’s about showing you can be small (town) and have fun and flavor.

Why not? There’s already so much bad art or lack of creativity in the world (and don’t get me started on signage with grammar or spelling mistakes) that we thought everyone could use a reason to smile, to get creative, and to show off their town.

Parties & Events

Why clean house when Marken offers event and party space rentals?

Our main area is perfect for events like bridal showers, baby showers, and small parties (up to 50 people). Guests have access to common area and meeting room during rentals. It also includes 65” TV for presentations or slideshows.

marken media co_Devine Texas_TX_party rentals