Community Partners

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We believe that partnering with fellow businesses will be mutually beneficial. In order to help create a space that not only inspires the community to connect with each other and foster creativity and growth, we want to give “shout-outs” to those who have helped us along the way. 

When we hosted previous Marken workshops in our home, we even had people from outside our community of Devine attend. The first question when the workshop was over was, “Where do we go now?”

We plan to create a “Must-Dos while in Devine” brochure/map that will highlight area business services, as well as places to shop and dine. While we will help connect the Devine community in our workshops and the Marken Co.Lab space, we also know that many outside the community may be drawn to Marken, and what better way to showcase our community than to point them to some of our own unique shops and businesses?

  • In addition to this, we will include our community partners’ names in the giant indoor “Texas” mural on the wall for lifelong advertising. Founding sponsors will receive their name in the smaller font size, title sponsors the larger font size.

  • We are also creating a video that will showcase the journey that took our space from a bright blue floored plain room to the beautiful Marken it soon will be. Our sponsors will be thanked on this video that will be sure to reach a large audience on social media networks.

  • We would also like to give our community partners two tickets to a creative or business workshop of their choosing.

  • Founding sponsors will receive a featured position in the “Must-Dos in Devine” brochure/map